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Please visit our 'Free School Meals' page (under the 'Parents' tab) for new information. Provision will now be made throughout the summer holidays for those who are eligible.



MONDAY 19th October: YEAR 1 bubble has been closed today, and will remain closed for the rest of the week until half term, due to a confirmed case. Mrs Mountain will set work through the see saw app for the remainder of the week. You will receive a letter updating you on this information today, which we received from PHE. 



We have been working really hard to put into place the measures to help keep you and your families safe, and to allow us all to get back to learning in school! 


Please see below for some essential information about the return to school. We will keep updating this throughout the Autumn Term. 


Class “bubble”

Start time

Finish time

Which door do they use?

Year 6

9.05 am

3.25 pm

Year 6 cloakroom entrance

Year 5

9.05 am

3.25 pm

Year 5 fire door (opposite the pond area)

Year 4

8.55 am

3.15 pm

Year 4 cloakroom entrance

Year 3

8.55 am

3.15 pm

Through the front entrance

Year 2

8.45 am

3.05 pm

Through the front entrance

Year 1

8.45 am

3.05 pm

Year 1 cloakroom entrance

Reception & Nursery

(all day) 

8.45 am

3.05 pm

EY entrance  

Nursery (morning only) 



EY entrance 


Please clink the links below for essential information to help prepare for the return to school.


Flowchart - if you child displays symptoms  

When you ring up to let us know that your child has a cough, we will ask you: 
"has your child been coughing for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours". 
This is the definition of a new, continuous cough as defined by 


Accessing the School Site

bags, coats and other equipment 

Continuity of education - home learning plan

Educational Visits 

Face coverings in areas around school reviewed 3rd September 2020

Home school Reading reviewed 3rd September 2020

In case of infection

Information from the premises team on cleaning

Lunches and Drinks reviewed 3rd September

PE and Sport reviewed 3rd Sept

School Organisation


Home School Agreement COVID-19

Behaviour Policy Appendix COVID 19


10 points to keeping the school Covid secure


28.9.20 IPMAT RA Review Updated.docx

COVID arrangements - Breakfast Club guidelines




We also wanted to share some comments from the children who have returned since June 1st.
'Being back at school is fun!' - Reception child
'I have loved seeing my friends again' - Y1 child
'It's better than being at home and feeling bored' - Y6 child
'I've enjoyed doing algebra!' - Y6 child
'It is much easier to do your work at school where the teachers can help you' - Y6 child
'School is brilliant! I get to catch up with my friends' - Y6 child


Phone: 01226 711485




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